Join us as we visit your community to inspire and ENGAGE in tearing down strongholds. United we play a key role in putting an end to those who are lost in poverty, addiction, loneliness, un-resourced mental illness, parentless lives, and more.


How can you invest in your community? It's easy!

  • A kind word and a smile

  • Volunteer

  • Join your churches outreach

  • Donations of clothes, good, money, etc...

  • Support local non-profits

  • Assist the elderly in your neighborhood

  • A phone call to check in and say Hi

  • Or Simply ask if someone need help


Resourcing those in need is what we stand for. Through your ENGAGEment, the hungry will be fed, the ill will be made well, the lonely hearts will be fulfilled, the addict will be freed, and the lost will be found. Let God's love be unleashed in your community.    

Connect, Invest, Resource